Peace in Action

Peace in Action was a 03 day workshop initiated and run by IYAP. Its aim was to provide them with essential skills and knowledge  that empower young people to create positive changes.It motivated a common ground for intercultural mutual understanding to further increase youth and community representatives’ knowledge in peacebuilding, sustainable peace, social enterprise and responsible citizenship. Peace in action aimed at mobilizing youth and community participation with a commitment to social and environmental ethics across the Asia with the participation of SriLanka as the leading team. It further focused on educating youth in several skills that will facilitate community development & economic growth through sports, tourism, cultural exchange, social enterprise and other means to increase the knowledge about their local and global communities of interest and to improve skills and experience for social action at community level . It also aims at promoting intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding  whilst creating a platform and opportunity to further increase the commitment and investment in youth and community representatives specifically in peace building, sustainable peace, social enterprise and responsible citizenship.  Furthermore, it is envisaged that the aim of this workshop will echo the mission which is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change” which Sri-Lanka will benefit from.

Peace in action was a three day workshop held in the 28th of August to the 30th of August at the Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology The Peace in Action workshop was held from  28th of August to 30th of August, 2015 from 9am to 3pm. at Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology It brought together young people from different parts of the country, some who have had experiences working in community development and some who haven’t had so to provide the platform to share within themselves.


The workshop was focused on the following themes:

Leadership and Community Engagement
Social Entrepreneurship and Peace Building
Team Building, Group Dynamics and Discovering Peace
Spirit of Volunteerism
Tweeting for Peace and Social Change
Critical Social Theory of Youth Empowerment
Conflict Violence and Conflict Analysis Tools
Gender Based Violence/ Sexual Right/ Awareness
Peace reconciliation and development
Peacebuilding and conflict in transition
Using visuals for Peace work; Photography workshop
Simulation on Inter-faith Dialogue and Human Rights and Peace

There were many several young professionals 11-13 facilitators and professors from Colombo University from various fields to train the how many participants on the themes mentioned above. The training was carried through demonstrations and discussions on the topics, and experience sharing among all the participants. Thereon, the workshop concluded with project planning and follow up actions. IYAP Volunteers were extensively engaged in organizing the event. Most importantly, the IYAP volunteers decided the themes that should be discussed during these workshops and they also played a prominent role in developing modules etc. The volunteers played a role in facilitating the group discussions that gave them a good opportunity to conceptualize these terms and equally engaged with group discussions. They were also simultaneously, involved with arranging logistics, printing material to make sure the smooth operation of the workshops.

The participants were able to enhance their skills on a youth led action on their own from  the discussed themes. The workshop enabled to celebrate the skills and culture among the communities across Sri Lanka. A number of  youth activists from various fields facilitating as trainers was a key focus of the workshop. The agenda on the topics helped the participants to plan their follow up action.

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